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Few people would take driving lessons from someone who never passed a driving test him/herself. Or expect the wine waiter to be tee total. Yet many people quite happily engage with business advisors who themselves have never managed, leave alone set up and owned, a business. This is just one aspect of where we are very different.

Because at Think the Unthinkable, not only do we have many years of experience in our respective subject areas, we also run two, highly successful, businesses. So where no doubt you’d expect us ‘to know our stuff’ when it comes to engagement, (opinion) research, facilitation and off-sites, we can also talk turnover, bottom line, profit, yields and growth.

And what is more, we know how these relate to one another, and how you and your people impact on these every minute of the working day. So not only can we help make more sense of the numbers you get presented with on a daily basis, we can also help you put in place strategies that make the most of all of your business’ assets.

We strongly believe that running two rather different businesses means we keep a much fresher and healthier perspective on both. Helping to Think the Unthinkable indeed! Intrigued?

Contact us and we’d be delighted to meet with you and discuss..

       About You ...

Who do we work for? In other words, who are you? In a nutshell, you can be:

• A small company realising that some external, professional help is precisely what is needed to get your organisation to the next level. Whether this is in terms of using an external facilitator to help with a
strategy meeting, some basic employee engagement analysis, or conducting a customer survey, the opportunities are endless.
• A large multinational wondering whether your employee engagement strategy is the right one, and asking yourself what (other) partners are out there
• A multi-site operation with serious operational issues at one of your sites, looking for external help to get to the bottom of the issue(s).
• A company where Senior Management is sceptical about Engagement, and needs help convincing.
• Anyone really! If your organisation, no matter whether you are big or not so big, is looking into issues relating to employee engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty, linking of various data sources, company off-sites and / or external facilitation, we’d love to hear from you.

We are so passionate about what we do that we would love to explore with you what avenues there are that we can help with.

Try it. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Based in the South West of England, just outside the beautiful cathedral city of Exeter, but within easy reach of many geographic areas in Britain and the rest of Europe, we work internationally, with clients in the UK, US, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and France. We are fluent in English and Dutch, with a working knowledge of German.

e. info@think-the-unthinkable.co.uk
t. +44 (0)7768 864376 / +44 (0)1404 815492
Registered address - Mazzard Farm, East Hill, Ottery St. Mary, EX11 1QQ, UK

And if you are looking for a business (team) meeting venue with a difference, you may wish to check here:

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